Balloon Over Zion 3 Flight Exploration (up to 2)

Product Description

This is Balloons Over Zion without the Spiritual Retreat elements.

Similar to the other 3 and 4 day programs to offer the same price.

Seems a shame to miss out on the unique opportunities that Zion Canyon and the supporting culture holds, but for those who want to focus on the landscape, 2 morning flights and a possible sunset flight …weather permitting and plenty of hiking and recreation available in the afternoons.

As with all of our Incredible Balloon Adventures accommodations near the launch site and transportation to and from Las Vegas are included along with video and breakfast with the pilot of course.  Your pilot will assure you have the opportunity to select your activities and see that the logistics are facilitated to maximize your time in Zion.

Great food and a warm and very artistic community welcome 2.9 Million tourists per year.

Drum circles and Flute School as well as other amenities borrowed from the Spiritual Retreat can be arranged.

Since your pilot was the first to pioneer a route across Zion Canyon by balloon you will also receive documentation for your trophy wall certifying the flight number representing your place in history for flying over Zion National Park in a balloon.

Fly into Las Vegas and shuttle 1.5 hrs to Zion on Day 1 and enjoy 2 or 3 days of flying and exploring some of the most awe inspiring canyons on the planet.

check out the website to join the expedition.


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