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Solo Certificate 3-Day Instruction

Product Description

Earn your FAA Certified Solo privileges for Hot Air Balloon in our intensive 3-4 day course.

The focus is on you.  A customized course of instruction concentrating on developing the skill sets necessary to achieve solo flight.

You will take the controls on day 1 and work your way solo at your own rate.

The solo certificate and the hours of instruction are logged and count toward your Private Pilot license should you choose to continue your education on this trip or a future trip.

Your pilot is a certified FAA instructor and is an excellent teacher who believes in the “home school approach” rather than the “institutional approach” and is capable of employing various teaching modalities to customize the learning process and efficiently assist in the learning process.

The Private Pilot license requires a written exam administered in various testing centers and an oral and practical flight test administered by an FAA certified Flight Examiner.  Your pilot can provide all the necessary instruction to help you pass the written and practical exams.

The Solo Certificate will concentrate on the fun stuff and get you in the air….Solo.

Relax…you will be in radio contact with your pilot to talk you through your landing.

Bring a guest as a ride-along passenger during instruction for $500 per day.

Each day will include Sunrise Flights and Sunset Flights weather permitting.

Solo in 3 days for $3600 and stay an extra day and log more flights for $4200.


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