Moonlight Balloon Jump

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Moonlight Balloon Jump

This is a bare bones service to Certified Skydivers and BASE Jumpers and Ride Along Spectators.

All of Rush Valley will be aglow with an otherworldly feel as the full moon’s light eerily reflects off the grasses and sage below.

5000 feet gives the jumpers a few more moments to view the ever diminishing envelope of the balloon lit by the flames like a light bulb as it competes with the moon’s borrowed light.

Reporters onsite will post Headlines to explain the unavoidable UFO sightings and the altogether unexplainable spirit of adventure bursting forth from the hearts of these devoted thrillers who will surely come to make this event a new Harvest Ritual.

……bring a costume for the Reporters’ cameras.

Launching 8:00 -10:00 p.m.



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