Custom Local Flights for up to 5 (800 lbs) Reserve the entire Gondola


Product Description

Set up a custom flight when I am in town for up to 5 people.  We start at dawn and choose a place to launch based on the winds and the sights you would like to see.  You join the crew and help with every aspect of the adventure from set-up to take-down.  A member of my crew will follow in the Chase Vehicle and members of your group who prefer not to fly can join in the challenge of the Chase.   We call it a 1 hour flight which last between 45 min and 1.5 hrs which is entirely dependent upon finding a safe place to land given the terrain, the population we are flying over and the ever-changing wind and weather conditions. The entire experience is 3-4 hrs.  We start at dawn and most times people can be a few minutes late to work….which is usually overlooked when you arrive with doughnuts.
Join me for a custom local flight.  There is no added charge for the endless stories I tell of my flights and experiences around the world.

Parties less than 5; Purchase Custom Local Flights individually and if the weather fails to cooperate while I am in town you may apply a 50% credit to your next Adventure with Steiger.


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