Balloon Over Zion 4-Day Spiritual Retreat

Product Description

Experience the Healing Powers of Zion Canyon.

4 day Spiritual Cleansing, Energy Replacement, and an Exploration founded in the fundamental Elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Music.

I utilize the balloon as a therapeutic modality to alter perspective and to introduce the soul to an intimate exposure to the natural and healing energies of these fundamental elements found above and within Zion National Park.

The experiences are life changing and the intangible impressions last a lifetime.

Each day begins with a flight from dawn until about 9:30 a.m.

The remainder of each day is a spiritual preparation for the next.

A spiritual guide will conduct a 4 day curriculum including group and personal sessions based on the fundamental elements within the context of cleansing, replacing energy and exploration.

Afternoon activities will include participation in a Drum Circle in a Hogon with Sage and Sweet Grass Smudging conducted by an authentic pure blooded Native American Piute Indian Chief.

3-hour Musical Therapy Energy Exchange utilizing ancient musical instruments and Shamanic songs and sounds.

Native American Flute School provides the opportunity for anyone to make music and to listen and to create.

Authentic Sweat Lodge for spiritual cleansing and preparation for discovery.

Short Hikes including the Zion Canyon Narrows…the path is the Virgin River bed itself.  Water shoes and neoprene waders are employed hiking through the shallow river bed with 1500 foot canyon walls on each side….inspiring and exhilarating.

And a trip to the upper mountain plateaus to see the Condors and participate in another musical and culinary experience.

Accommodations are based either in Zion Canyon or in the nearby 4 star Red Mountain Resort which include optional access to typical amenities including a spa, yoga and golf in addition to fine dining including an “eat well-feel-well cuisine”.

This is a 3 day structured program with one free day and a travel day on either end making a total of a 5 days 4 night 4 flight exploration including a flight across Zion National Park which was pioneered by your pilot, the first person to fly a hot air balloon across Zion Canyon.

Fly into Las Vegas by early afternoon Day 1 then shuttle 1.5 hrs to Zion for an early evening greeting and introduction.  Depart Day 5 and arrive by noon for an early afternoon departure from Las Vegas….or…


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