Alps Crossing (up to 4)


Product Description

The Austrian Alps Crossing can be organized as an Incredible Adventures Package and can include transfers to and from Munich and return to Austria from Landing Area by car when the Pilot is wintering in Austria.

You may elect to rent a car if you plan to travel outside of the Austrian Mountain Ski Village.

Other Bespoke Alps Crossings may be arranged over the French and Swiss Portions including Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger, Zermatt, landing Turin and Lac Como etc.  These flights may be arranged and customized to include additional activities, transfers, accommodations and logistics.

The Alps Crossing Adventure can be expanded to include launching from one of the European Winter Balloon Festivals.  Join Steiger to enjoy the full experience of participating in several local festival flights floating gently through the mountain valleys during morning and evening flights including an opportunity to ride in Steiger’s special shape balloons.

The Flight:

Depart Austria at the border of Germany and cross over the Alps landing in Italy, Slovenia, or Hungary according to the winds aloft. The Gondola accommodates up to 6 passengers. Larger groups can also be accommodated in larger gondolas and/or flying as a group of balloons guided by Steiger.

This Flight can be arranged to return same day or stay for Dinner in Italy upon landing and return to Austria by car the next day.

The Austrian Alps Crossing: Fly into Munich or Salzburg.  Plan to stay One Week in Austria awaiting Flight conditions in World class Authentic Austrian Accommodations for room and 1/2 board which includes access to Sauna Spa @ 28 euros per night.  Meanwhile there are all the ameneties of a lovely Mountain Village with several ski resorts accessible by a single reasonably priced day or weekly pass.

This Location is Not a Tourist trap. The townsfolk are warm and welcomimg. English is widely spoken and your Pilot will join you and navigate your entire stay, or Plan your own itinerary with the comfort that your Pilot is always nearby.


While some may wonder whether Steiger has some kind of special relationship with Mother Nature, Steiger remains quite sure that any assurances made on Her behalf would be answered just to spite him.  As such, each member of the expedition must be prepared to enjoy a winterlude in this lovely mountain village.

A week is the typical period required to await ideal conditions.  Should that window of opportunity fail to present itself during your stay and you are unable to extend, then you may credit 50% of your fare to your next adventure with Steiger.

Single Fare Flight Vouchers may be arranged on occasions where Steiger is able to arrange space in a non-exlusive flight.

European Flight prices are in Euros although this site is limited to showing only one currency at a time and may show currency in US Dollars during certain times of the year.