A Mountain Crossing in the Rockies (price incl. up to 4)

Product Description

Alpine Mountain Crossing with “Incredible Adventures”

Launching at dawn from a valley below a majestic peak your gondola rises gently towards the summit.   Your pilot has intimate knowledge of the unique wind patterns which develop in and around these geographical monuments.

The view from the effortless gondola floating across the vast wilderness transforms one’s perspective of life and the chaos below.  Clarity of mind is the souvenir of this trip….perhaps an artifact of the rarified air.

Alpine Flights then descend into a distant valley depending on wind speeds and fuel generally by 10 am.

Each mountain crossing requires pre-flight planning and co-operation by Mother Nature.  Plan to arrive the day before and retire early for the dawn launch and allow one extra day for weather.

There are plenty of activities, sights, shopping and fine dining in all but the most remote locations since the alpine crossings are selected near world-class resort towns including: Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Park City, Vail, Moab, Arches, and Zion National Parks in the Rocky Mountains of Utah and Colorado.

Passengers are invited to participate in every aspect of the excursion as a member of the expedition.  Passengers as team members are included in the pre-flight preparations and weather interpretation taken from the same raw data sources used by television weather reports.  Work side by side with the pilot and crew in the preparation of the equipment and recovery process and then join the pilot in his favorite local café upon landing for breakfast or brunch.


Travel Plans:

Single Flight:

  • Day 1: Travel day and retire early in preparation for launch at dawn during the summer and a bit later in the winter.  Flights conclude by 10 am then join the pilot and crew for breakfast or brunch.
  • Day 2: An extra day for weather for a total of 2 nights with departure on day 2 late afternoon or spend a few days in town.


2 Flights:

  • Day 1: Travel day and retire early.
  • Day 2: Launch at dawn in summer or a bit later in winter landing by 10 a.m. then join the pilot and crew at their favorite café for breakfast or brunch and take the afternoon to enjoy the resort town.
  • Possible Sunset Flight in the valley…weather permitting.
  • Day 3: Launch at dawn for a second mountain crossing landing by 10 am with brunch again with the pilot.  Departure can be early afternoon or stay in town a few days.


Additional Notes of Interest:

  • Custom flights over client selected areas are also an option.
  • Park City includes a WWII warbird fly-by directly below the basket.
  • All locations may also include the exciting opportunity to witness skydivers exit the basket and fall silently to their chosen fates.
  • Video, Digital Photos and Certificate of Achievement Document your Unique Experience.


Join us for an Incredible Adventure over the Rocky Mountains in a Hot Air Balloon and do your part to preserve the sprit of adventure.

Each excursion requires a minimum to launch and may include additional passengers.

Incredible Adventure Balloon Packages include all items mentioned above and airport and hotel transfers, and accommodations near launch site.  Special adventure equipment is provided according to the requirements of each excursion i.e. gps locators and oxygen saturation monitors for high altitude flights.