Incredible Adventures™ Packages

Welcome to the beginning of a lifetime of memories

Your Incredible Adventure Balloon Packages present a wide variety of activities and excursions on an ever-expanding list found on the Select Your Flight page.  Or create your own custom expedition in the domestic or international location of your choosing.  We will arrange all the logistical and technical details and include you in on the pre-flight planning phase as a member of the expedition team.  Or sit back and we will handle all the details and send you an itinerary.

Many of the Incredible Adventures Balloon Packages include lodging in a location near the launch site and transfers to and from the airport and hotel.  Digital Video and Still photography including a frame worthy certificate of achievement/participation and certifying documentation are included for certain accomplishments.  Refreshments are provided as are Champagne or Sparkling Fruit Juice to celebrate.

Make no mistake, this is not a typical Wine Country Tour.  Your pilot will take you to altitudes that require supplemental oxygen and over Mountain and Desert Wilderness with carefully planned flights over places few modern adventurers will ever have the privilege to behold.

Typically you will arrive in the late afternoon the night before for a pre-flight briefing and/or training then early to bed early to rise in preparation for launch at dawn.   Most flights land before 10 am and you are invited to participate in every aspect of the assembly launch landing and recovery of the equipment.  Then you will be invited to join the pilot and crew for breakfast or brunch at his favorite locations and participate in every aspect of “A Day In the Life” of your pilot/adventure expedition leader.

Single Flight adventures typically arrive Friday afternoon in preparation for the launch at dawn.  Should it be too windy to launch Saturday morning you will have Sunday morning as a contingency with a late afternoon departure.

Why not slow down and stay a few days to enjoy the world-class resort towns where most of these flights take place?

Multi-Flight Excursions include Flights every morning and every sunset (weather permitting)…so a 2 Flight weekend arrives Friday with a flight Saturday morning, we will attempt a Saturday evening flight or simply wait until Sunday morning depending on weather. Morning Flights land by 10 am and Evening Flights begin two hours before dusk.

Ride Along Guests for certain activities may join for a discounted fare and they accompany you at each step.

Private Flights may be arranged by adding 50% to the min. launch rate.

Visit the Custom Expedition Page and the Setting Records Page to learn more about adventures that have yet to be created.

Your pilot and gondola awaits.