These Adventures sound quite technical….do I need special training to participate?

Sometimes yes.  Most Adventures are available to anyone with no prior training expected.  You are never expected to participate in any activity that you do not feel comfortable performing.  You will remain under the ever vigilant eye of your dauntless leader and those activities that do require pre-flight training incorporate the most qualified and skilled trainers in the industry.


What should I wear for the Flight

In Winter dress for the ski slopes although with a 44 million btu burner close by the gondola is wrapped in a blanket of coziness unless you plan on jumping in which case the wind chill can reach 70 below zero while falling to earth at 120 mph.

In Summer wear long pants and closed toed shoes….no sandals or flip flops.

Suntan lotion and cameras with wrist straps.


What happens if I feel like sleeping in rather than join in on a world-class adventure?

Flight Vouchers are paid in advance thus creating a second reason for you to regret changing your mind and staying in bed.


Do you offer Rain Checks?

Cancellations made by the pilot are simply rescheduled.  Incredible Adventure Packages generally include an extra day or two of touring the resort towns or local scenery in the case of a weather contingency.


How about accommodations and transportation logistics?

Most Incredible Adventure Packages include recommendations for accommodations near the launch site and transfers to and from the airport.  Some locations are remote and require a rental vehicle from the nearest airport.  Your pilot will always be nearby to guide you through the local opportunities while awaiting the proper weather conditions for flight.


After we land at about 10 am what is there to do with the remains of the day?

The pilot will invite you to join him at one of his favorite café’s for breakfast.  After which there will be free time until your evening flight 2 hours before sunset …weather permitting.  Most adventures take place near world-class resort towns so there are ample opportunities for shopping and fine dining….but remember to retire early because your next flight is at dawn.

Some adventures are in more remote areas in which case you will be invited to remain with the pilot and participate in other local activities like Jeep excursions and hiking through National Parks.


Can I bring a Ride Along Guest?

Prices are per person and there is a minimum occupancy for each flight.

Some activities like the Solo Certificate or a Tandem Balloon Jump focus special attention on a primary person.  In these cases you may invite a Ride Along Guest to join in as a spectator and join you in your adventure at a reduced rate.

Must I sign my life away with a waiver and release of liability and acknowledgement in order to participate in these adventures?

Yes.  As a fellow adventurer you are exposing yourself to the risks of High Adventure…in the safest form of aviation on the planet.


Is there insurance for such activities?

No.  Underwriters for this type of activity simply do not exist.

However, you may rest assured that every precaution has been taken by your fully certified FAA Commercial Pilot who holds the highest degree of training and certification available to balloon pilots.  He has also flown in a wide range of meteorological conditions over an even wider range of geographical locations and environments.


How can I learn more about the Pilot?

There is an Incredible Adventures Brochure which describes your pilot perhaps as well as some of the packages….wherein you will quickly realize that your pilot is interested in providing an experience that is well outside the realm of a typical balloon tour.

There is also a Personal Statement by the Pilot on this website.

You can visit the Facebook page: DropZone Balloon to gain insight into the projects he finds interesting and demanding of his talent.

He is the resident balloon stunt pilot for the GoPro sponsored Flight Team and his activities and technical contributions can be found on their Facebook page: GoPro Bomb Squad.

The 2011 Fall Issue of Elan Woman Magazine cover and feature story.

Finally, the photos in the header were produced by the pilot for Hollywood Life Magazine and selected to immediately set the tone alluding to an alternative to the wine country balloon tours…the avant-garde of aerostatic flight.

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