Custom Expeditions

Your pilot will help you plan your own custom adventure and resolve the technical and logistical requirements or include you in on every aspect of pre-flight planning and execution of your dreams to fly in a balloon.

As a member of the team you will determine what degree of participation and what level of responsibility you will share in your adventure with the confidence that you are about to embark on a flight which quite simply may never have been flown before.

One thought on “Custom Expeditions

  1. Here is the ruling from Salt Lake City Air route Traffic Control Center on your proposed HALO jump launching in the vicinity of Wendover, Utah.

    Notice that this prohibits this operation in this area.

    “The balloon request below requires a waiver only issued by the WSA. Doing this in the Wendover area at altitudes above FL180 during daily operational hours will not be acceptable for ZLC. This area is a major departure and arrival route into and out of SLC.”

    William John Hughes
    Operations Supervisor
    Salt Lake City Flight Standards District Office

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