Drop Zone is the term designating the landing area pilots target when deploying skydivers. Deploying skydivers from a balloon is a bit more challenging since balloons do not have a steering wheel.

DropZone Balloon offers two categories of specialized balloon services.

The Facebook page; DropZone Balloon, is the social interface for these two groups of clientele.

DropZone Balloon provides specialty technical and stunt work services to skydivers in multiple locations and national events.  This aspect of the business model promotes the stunt work, record setting and promotional categories.  Similar to a racing car team DropZone Balloon works with sponsors within the industry as well as in the mainstream marketplace to produce high profile newsworthy events in the generation of millions of impressions directed at the chosen demographic of the sponsors.  DropZone Balloon designs, builds, and executes these events in co-ordination with the press and other media distribution channels.

Hoje a Sudeste Soluções é referência na prestação de serviço de outsourcing de impressão em sp, entre em contato conosco e conheça melhor como funciona locação de impressoras em sp estamos pronto para prestar um atendimento de excelente qualidade para sua empresa.

In other words: This is the part where we put on a show.

The pilot is not unlike various other world-class billionaire adventurers drawn to the sport of ballooning, he is highly educated and accustomed to moving about in sophisticated circles. A renaissance man in his own right he is particularly familiar with the expectations of a more discerning clientele and enjoys inviting anyone from all walks of life who qualify themselves to join his expeditions through their sheer appreciation for the untouched wilderness and a desire to make it known that the Spirit of Adventure is alive and well.

This second dedication is to service the clientele of Incredible Adventures™ as their exclusive Resident Balloon Pilot and Expedition Leader.

On this website you will find Adventures for Certified Skydivers and BASE Jumpers.  These flights are bare bones cut and dried flights.  There is no Champagne and in most cases there is no pick-up vehicle.  The skydivers depart the basket at their own discretion at an altitude of their choosing and they aim for a roadway to make recovery less dramatic.  Some insist on being located some time after they land by radio beacon, but most often they land at the launch area.

We invite you to read more about the typical packages designed for Incredible Adventures™ on this website and make your selection with the confidence that these world-class destination excursions are designed to make an indelible impression within one’s consciousness to last a lifetime.

Join us for an experience reserved for the privileged few who have the capacity to recognize and appreciate rare opportunities when they are presented.

Carpe Diem fellow Adventurers.

*The Header Photographs are examples of technical production performed for a 10 page Hollywood Life Magazine feature of the title “Sheltering Sky”.

* Please also note photos recently used for the cover story in the Fall 2011 issue of Elan Woman Magazine.