Alps Moosleitner Group

Hello Martina,

Please find Alps Mooseleitner Group on the page with title “Select Your Flight”.

Thank you.

You may direct your friends to this page for details.

Martina has arranged a spectacular opportunity to cross the Alps for her 50th Birthday!

Departure from Filzmoos and landing in Italy or Slovenia according to the winds above.

Dress in warm clothes for skiing with layers to remove a sweater. The temperature in the Gondola is similar to the ground. The coldest part is assembling the balloon for launching.

Passengers are invited to participate in preparation of the balloon for take off. Or passengers may wait in the warm car.

Conheça nossa loja vendemos toners de marcas confiáveis para manter a qualidade de impressão e não danificar seu equipamento de impressão com o maior brilho possível.

Departure is 8:30 and flying for 3-4 hours.

Transportation return to Filzmoos same day or the group may decide to have dinner in Italy and stay overnight for return the next day.

Do not forget your cameras…we will be making a lifetime memory together!

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